Walmart Pharmacy Successfully Books over 285,000 Vaccine Appointments since Partnering with Pomelo Health


Today, over 285 000 appointments have been booked across 193 Walmart Pharmacies through Pomelo’s Vaccine Solution.

At the announcement of the development of a COVID-19 vaccine, healthcare providers were faced with an unprecedented task: quickly vaccinating their patients, while keeping everyone safe, socially distanced, and up-to-date with the latest information. However, as we know, these new sets of challenges did not come with a troubleshooting manual.

Adopting Brand New Healthcare Technology 

Unforeseen Challenges

Due to the novel nature of COVID-19, along with how quickly the virus spread, the need for a reliable digital appointment booking system was crucial to the success of time-sensitive mass-immunization programs. However, because of the unexpected nature of this pandemic, making the right choice in terms of adopting a new software was not so obvious. 

Choosing the Right Healthcare Management Software Provider

Knowing that they were in a position to significantly help in the vaccine distribution efforts across North America, and having the goal to “vaccinate as many of our customers as possible," Walmart’s teams were quick to choose and implement a leading healthcare software solution provider, in order to begin vaccinating as soon as possible.

Partnering with Pomelo for Vaccine Rollout

As a pioneer in administering COVID-19 vaccines through a government pilot program, Walmart was successfully able to scale their vaccination operations by leveraging the latest in health technology

Having already deployed a mass flu vaccination platform for the province of Newfoundland that allowed for over 40 000 appointments to be booked online (across 127 locations) in the first week alone, in addition to their COVID-19 Vaccine platform, we were excited to partner with Walmart and meet the goals of a quick and efficient mass vaccination.

The Result (So Far)

Today, over 285 000 appointments have been booked across 193 Walmart Pharmacies through Pomelo’s Vaccine Solution. Developed at a time of chaos and uncertainty, we are proud of the hard work both teams put in, in order to make this partnership a success.

“We also couldn’t have hit this important milestone without the partnership of Pomelo Health, who developed the platform that is being used in many of our pharmacies across the country to manage appointments for COVID-19 vaccinations.” -Walmart Canada

We’d like to thank the teams at Walmart Pharmacy for their partnership and collaboration, without which we would not have been able to meet Walmart’s ambitious vaccination goals.