SoCal's First Virtual Waiting Line for In-Person Care

Discover how Exer Urgent Care clinics, an Emergency Room alternative located across Southern California, managed to eliminate long waiting lines using Pomelo’s Waiting Room Management Software.

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Pomelo Health and Exer Urgent Care Case study- Implementing a Virtual Waiting Line
executive summary

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, SoCal’s Exer Urgent Care clinics faced unprecedented challenges that disrupted daily workflows, caused undue stress for both patients & staff and negatively impacted patient satisfaction. In January 2021, Exer Urgent Care partnered with healthcare software specialist Pomelo Health to quickly implement a Virtual Line Management Software across its 19 physical locations, and 1 virtual clinic. By giving patients the ability to join a clinic’s queue online, from anywhere, and to be kept updated of their position in real time, Exer Urgent Care was able to increase patient satisfaction by 45% after only 1 week, as well as create a welcoming and stress-free environment for both patients & staff.

The challenges
  • A rapid growth combined with the global pandemic

  • 127% increase in patient volume

  • Adhering to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines

  • Patients queuing outside, blocking entrances of other business & parking lots

The solution
  • Pomelo’s Virtual Waiting Line

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  • Patients register online, from anywhere, joining a clinic’s queue & are kept updated of their position in line, in real time, until it’s their turn.

The results
  • Long lines were eliminated

  • Increase of 45% in patient satisfaction in the first week

  • Stress-free environment for clinic staff

  • Safe and secure lobbies for patients

Why Pomelo Health?

Simplicity & ease of use of the software 
Stand alone with no integrations needed 
Customizable and personalized software 
Quick & flexible implementation timelines
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