enhance patient communication

Secure Patient Messaging Software

Easily streamline clinic workflows with a secure communication platform and boost patient engagement, all while keeping patient data secure.

Secure patient messaging - Improve patient engagement and communication

Eliminate the need for time-consuming phone-calls with a secure patient communication platform.

Gain visibility on whether or not patients have read your message, while eliminating the need for time consuming phone calls.

Make sure all the attachments you send and receive are secure

Share sensitive documents like test results, treatment plans, etc. and allow patients to send you attachments like eForms all from one secure, convenient location.

Customize your settings to control patient access

Decide whether to enable one-way communication (physician to patient), or bi-directional communication, allowing patients to initiate & respond to conversations.

Secure patient communication software
Improve patient experience - Make it easy for your patients to text your practice

Remind patients of important notices directly from the patient portal

Post important disclaimers and guidelines directly on the messaging page, like rules for patients, notes on etiquette and FAQs regarding messaging.

Divide and conquer when it comes to communicating

Create individual or shared inboxes, or give certain users the ability to comment on, forward, or assign conversations to a specific user or workgroup.

Gain visibility on the status of time-sensitive communications

Set the system to notify you when a patient opens a time-sensitive communication, or if a patient has not opened the communication by a specified date.

Streamline internal clinic communication workflows and collaboration

A centralized patient portal to simplify the healthcare journey

Online Patient Scheduling

Allow patients to book appointments for themselves online and save valuable staff-time. 

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Appointment Reminder Software

Make sure your patients know exactly when & where to show up. 

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Mobile Patient Intake

Keep everyone safe & socially distanced by allowing patients to check-in directly from their mobile device. 

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Secure Patient Messaging

Eliminate the need for time-consuming phone-calls while still being there for your patients. 

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Ensure every patient in your database is kept up to date of important clinic communications. 

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Provide superior care through secure, compliant video appointments. 

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Digital Patient Forms

Digitize forms so patients can fill them out in the comfort of their own homes, using their own device.

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Queue Management Software

Increase patient satisfaction by 80% with a simplified & more transparent queue management. 

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