The quickest way to give patients easy access to virtual care

Conveniently allow clinicians and patients alike to take appointments from almost anywhere, keeping both parties safe and their data secure.

Secure Telehealth Software -

In 2019, 49% of patients surveyed expected to be able to communicate with their provider through video conferencing, up from only 36% in 2016.

Accenture's 2019 Digital Health Consumer Survey

Give patients two ways to book their virtual consultations 

Allow patients to book appointments via the portal or have staff book your virtual consultations for patients directly through your clinic’s EHR.

Optimize the patient journey with auto-confirmations

Send confirmation emails automatically that include the appointment’s details along with the unique meeting link, which only becomes active at the time of the consultation.

Telemedicine Software - easy online patient booking
Accessible telehealth consultations software

Make telehealth consultations accessible to everyone

Allow patients to take virtual consultations without any special downloads or registrations by requiring only an email address to receive the appointment link.

Forget about patients running late or not showing up

Receive a notifications when the patient has arrived to the virtual meeting room, or send one-time reminders to encourage late patients to join the video-consultation.

Chat with patients before, during, or after their appointment 

Communicate with patients easier by leveraging live chat in order to get answers to quick questions, or to conveniently respond to a patient inquiries.

Share appointment details safely and securely 

Let patients who have created an account in the portal have access to details of past virtual consultation like date, time, appointment duration, etc.

Telehealth software - live chat feature

A centralized patient portal to simplify the healthcare journey

Online Patient Scheduling

Allow patients to book appointments for themselves online and save valuable staff-time. 

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Appointment Reminder Software

Make sure your patients know exactly when & where to show up. 

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Mobile Patient Intake

Keep everyone safe & socially distanced by allowing patients to check-in directly from their mobile device. 

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Secure Patient Messaging

Eliminate the need for time-consuming phone-calls while still being there for your patients. 

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Ensure every patient in your database is kept up to date of important clinic communications. 

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Provide superior care through secure, compliant video appointments. 

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Digital Patient Forms

Digitize forms so patients can fill them out in the comfort of their own homes, using their own device.

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Queue Management Software

Increase patient satisfaction by 80% with a simplified & more transparent queue management. 

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